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We wade through aftermarket car wheels to help you build your dream ride. Tuning up the performance and appearance of your ride comes with a demand for aftermarket parts. It’s easy to be spoilt for choice considering the various designs, prices and brands available in the market. We bring you closer to your dream ride by sifting through alloy wheel products, pointing out the benefits of each.

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Wheels terminology and definitions


A condition where the top of the tire is leaning inward from the tire’s vertical centerline, as viewed from the top.


A setting where the steering axis is inclined forward at the top as viewed from the side; a condition which tends to cause instability./p>


When the back of the bolt pad is closer to the inside of the wheel; when the mounting face is inboard of the rim centerline; extends assembly away from vehicle resulting in wider tracking.


Refers to tires sold to automobile manufacturers for equipping their new vehicles.


The length from a point on one tread block to the same point on the next tread block. Pitch is varied around a tire to minimize noise.


The diameter of the bead seat, not the diameter of the rim edge.

Why aftermarket wheels?

The performance of every car is of essence. What better way to improve that other than using lighter and dynamically optimized wheels? There’s even more, the correct size of alloy wheels improves the handling and enhances braking.

Beyond that, the alloy wheels come in different shapes, beautifully crafted to attract attention.

We have a great directory of aftermarket wheels

There is a wide variety of wheels to choose from. Every seller has a directory containing the different wheel sizes stocked at their outlets. Our review covers major wheel types which are:
– Forged wheels – Cast wheels – Flow formed wheels
Cast wheels are the cheapest alternatives, while forged wheels are the most expensive owing to their complex manufacturing processes.

Factors to consider when going for aftermarket wheels

We only provide unbiased reviews and do not sell any wheels. However, there are several aspects that should be considered before purchasing any facelifting wheels.

Wheel type and performance requirements

You’ll definitely be driving on different roads and would like to match the performance of your car with the aesthetic appeals. Cast wheels will provide sufficient performance on the highway, while forged wheels are best suited for racing performance.

Wheel manufacturer and desired style

Different manufacturers style their wheels in unique ways. Similarly, every driver anticipates the unique appearances of their vehicles. A manufacturer with a wider wheel catalog will be preferable.


Every wheel has a price tag attached to it. The price of the wheels that you settle on must be within your own budget.